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Elsichrom AB

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ELSICHROM specializes in marketing second hand HPLC and other analytical instruments. HPLC spare parts and HPLC columns are also very important product segments for us.

Our main interest and specialty is chromatography equipment (HPLC, GC, IC). Apart from selling second hand instruments, we also have new chromatography equipment, accessories (syringe filters, vials, fittings) and columns in our program. We also supply a great selection of spare parts for HPLC pumps and detectors. Feel free to email us or give us a phone call and find out more!

Newly developed!


In these times of acetonitrile deficiency and economical crisis
this new  SmartSaver from Biotech is like a gift from heaven.
Not only will you save a fortune on solvents, but the investment itself is but a fraction of what you normally pay for such a gadget.
Load the signal threshold and time delay to the unit from any computer with
the included program, disconnect and place the unit on your HPLC system and you are ready to run. Repeat the procedure and place a SmartSaver on
each of your systems!  
All  acetonitrile (or other solvent) will recycle before, after and as fast as you reach the baseline, during analysis.